November 21st, 5th research blog

Click here to read a blog about a breast cancer survivor named Becky Hanson. This is reliable because the survivor seemed well informed over cancer and she has knowledge over the topic.

Becky used chemotherapy to clear the cancer out of her breasts. To get more in depth, she had cancer in her lymph nodes. Lymph nodes are small bean shaped glands throughout the bodies. They carry fluids, waste, nutrients, and body tissue through the bloodstream. She had two shots of chemo; the first one didn’t work and cancer was still in her body, but the second form got rid of most of the cancer. She also had tumors and in her breast. Long story short, the doctors took her into surgery and ended up removing her breast tissue.

In contrast, Randy had no way of removing his cancer because of how late the doctors diagnosed him. Becky got diagnosed early in her treatment and the doctors could actually begin to cure her. She had three surgeries and after 2 years she survived. The first one was chemotherapy. The second one was the lumpectomies; which she described as “not be very successful.” The third one was a  full bilateral mastectomy. This surgery removes all of the breast tissue. This left her without boobs. The doctors also took tissue from under her nipples to see if they needed to remove them as well. Gladly, the results turned out positive and the doctors didn’t have to remove her nipples or areola. After this surgery, the cancer was gone and she survived. Unfortunately, this can’t happen to everyone. Randy died in July of 2008. He didn’t get a chance to survive like Becky did.

This is Becky now; it has been 2 years since she’s had cancer.

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